Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia 2023 price list – Xpander up by RM3,180; Triton range now up to RM3,300 more –

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has released updated pricing for the Xpander and Triton, with both seeing increases for 2023.

Starting with the Xpander, the sole variant with a 1.5 litre naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine and four-speed automatic now retails for RM99,980 on-the-road without insurance. This is an increase of RM3,180 or 3.29% from the previous figure we got back in July last year after the sales tax exemption ended.

As for the Triton, it got a price bump last April but the workhorse Quest was unaffected at the time. This year’s increase covers all variants, so the Quest now goes for RM83,890, or RM2,500 more than before. Moving on to the VGT models, the MT is now priced at RM105,500 (+RM2,300) while the AT is up by RM2,000 to hit RM109,990.

Next up, the Premium MT sells for RM118,700 (+RM2,500) and the Premium AT is at RM129,900 (+RM3,000). Finally, the range-topping Athlete sees a RM3,300 increase to RM149,900. The limited-run Phantom Plus Edition launched last August is no longer listed on the company’s website, presumably because all 1,000 units have been accounted for.

We’ve checked with MMM and were told that there are no changes to the vehicles’ specifications. The company added that the pricing revision was due to “cost up constraints,” likely brought on by the increased cost of materials and logistics – the Triton is fully imported (CBU) from Thailand while the Xpander is locally assembled (CKD) in Malaysia.

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