Millions of drivers risk major fines for ‘defective lights’ – ‘essential repairs’ needed

TikTok user shows off baking soda hack for cleaning headlights

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Motorists must make sure that their lights are working properly or they could be handed a fixed penalty notice fine of £100. However, if this offence is challenged in court, it could rise to £1,000.

Motorists must ensure all lights are working properly before setting off.

This includes the full and dipped-beam headlights, rear, and sidelights, plus the brake and hazard lights.

Headlight bulbs can burst and must be replaced as soon as possible if drivers want to avoid heavy charges.

In some cases, police officers may decide to issue penalties for careless driving which could see costs rise to £2,500.

Dangerous driving charges may also be issued if officers believe their actions have put other road users at considerable risk.

This may see cases sent to court where fines can rise to £5,000 and drivers can be slapped with nine penalty points.

Rule 113 of the Highway Code states: “You MUST ensure all sidelights and rear registration plate lights are lit between sunset and sunrise.

“Use headlights at night, except on a road which has lit street lighting. 

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“These roads are generally restricted to a speed limit of 30 mph (48 km/h) unless otherwise specified.

“Use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced (see Rule 226).”

Despite the danger, millions seem to be unaware of the potential dangers and consequences.

Research from Halfords found that 12 percent of road users admit to having driven with a broken headlight.

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Laura Walsh, a spokesperson for Halfords, said: “Cars with defective lights can cause a danger on the roads, so it is important that if you cannot change the bulb yourself you have an expert do it for you.

“We know motorists have delayed essential repairs and many wait for their MOT but this is a false economy and such drivers risk falling foul of the law.”

Around 60 percent of drivers said they do not know how to change a headlight bulb if it fails.

Recent data from the RAC has found that nine in 10 drivers think some or most headlights on the UK’s roads are too bright.

An overwhelming majority of survey respondents said they get dazzled by them when driving.

The problem of glare from headlights appears to be getting worse with 63 percent of drivers who get dazzled saying it’s happening more often than a year or two ago, with one-in-four claiming they’re now dazzled a lot more regularly.

The brightness of some car headlights even appears to be putting motorists off driving at night.

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