MCI Unveils J4500 CHARGE Luxury Electric Coach

It hast more than 200 miles of range.

Motor Coach Industries (MCI), a part of the NFI group, has unveiled its first battery-electric, zero-emission luxury coach for the North American market – the 45.6-foot (13.9 m) long J4500 CHARGE.

The EV technology is borrowed from NFI’s New Flyer transit bus company. With a 544 kWh battery pack (XALT cells), it’s expected that the range will be over 200 miles (320 km), but a lot depends on the usage. According to the specs, it’s 163-233 miles (262-375 km) depending on usage.

With a passenger capacity of 56, the J4500 CHARGE is envisioned for the tour, charter and employee shuttle markets.

The 260 kW electric motor is supplied by Siemens and is considered enough to maintain a top speed of 72 mph (116 km/h).

MCI J4500 CHARGE specs:

  • passenger capacity: 56
  • range of over 200 miles (320 km)
    163-233 miles (262-375 km) depending on usage
  • 544 kWh battery (63 Ah NMC cells Ultra-High Energycell by XALT)
  • top speed of 72 mph (116 km/h)
  • 260 kW Siemens electric motor
  • charging in under 4 hours (at 150 kW DC)

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