Market Share Of NCM 811 Lithium-Ion Cells Increased To 2%

In China, NCM 811 already reached 4% market share in New Energy Vehicles. Globally, it’s at 2%.

According to Adamas Intelligence, the NCM 811 lithium-ion cells are gaining popularity at a rapid pace, doubling its market share month-over-month.

     The NCM 811 means low cobalt-content cathode (nickel:cobalt:manganese at a ratio of 8:1:1).

The NCM 811 appeared on the radar in April with a market share of 1%, while in May share increased by 113% and now stands at 2% globally.

In China, where NCM 811 was introduced by CATL in several new models, market share is already at 4% (2% in April and 1% in March).

The new models with NCM 811 in China are:

The further part of the report says that the big EV rush from Volkswagen alone should increase NCM 811 deployment by orders of magnitude:

“While NCM 811 is making steady inroads in China, it’s also becoming clear that it will soon be widely commercialized outside the Middle Kingdom with VW recently telling Reuters that from 2021 onward the automaker will use NCM 811 cells (and presumably also some NCM 622).

For the Chinese market, VW is optimistic about the potential for using the less-energy-dense LFP cathode chemistry because the “necessity for a long operating range is less important in China”, the company told Reuters.

By 2025, VW projects it will need 150 GWh of battery production capacity on lock-down in Europe, and an additional 150 GWh in Asia. By 2030, the company says its appetite for EV battery capacity will double in both markets.

Taking these projections into account, it’s clear that VW alone has potential to boost global NCM 811 deployment by orders of magnitude within the next two to three years and by 2025 will be churning through upwards of 100 GWh worth of NCM 811 cells per annum in Europe and untold amounts in Asia.”

Source: Adamas Intelligence

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