Kia Niro PHEV Update After 9,300 Miles: MotorWeek Is Impressed

Is it everything people will expect it to be?

According to MotorWeek, the Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid is “more than just a valid proposition.” It truly offers the best of all worlds when it comes to what people like most about gas-powered cars, hybrids, and battery-electrics. This is what a plug-in hybrid is supposed to accomplish, and this particular Kia PHEV crossover pulls it off quite well.

Unfortunately, not everyone can own an all-electric car. There are multiple reasons that this is a reality, including people’s financial situations, a lack of charging infrastructure, apartment or condo living, the necessity for frequent road trips, etc.

Sadly, not all PHEVs make a whole lot of sense. If they don’t offer a reasonable amount of all-electric range, along with a high level of efficiency, they just may not be compelling enough. The Niro offers 26 miles of EPA-rated electric range, which isn’t fantastic, but it’s pretty impressive for a plug-in SUV.

MotorWeek recommends the Kia Niro PHEV. It highlights the fact that you can use sport mode for power when needed, but then take advantage of the car’s battery while cruising. In addition, you can charge this PHEV overnight using a regular 120-volt outlet, so you don’t need to invest in any upgrades at home. To top it off, the publication’s Niro has averaged ~58 mpg to date.

Check out the video review for the rest of the details. Also, if you own a Niro, we’d love to hear from you.

Video Description via MotorWeek on YouTube:

2019 Kia Niro PHEV 9,300 Mile Update

The theory behind vehicles like our 2019 Kia Niro PHEV, is fairly simple; EV when you need it, hybrid when you don’t.

Well, after collecting 9,300-miles of data, and analyzing it for 6-months; we conclude that it’s more than just a valid proposition, but a very flexible and even entertaining way to get around.

“What I like about the Niro PHEV is that I can just bump the shifter into sport mode and use all available power for merging on to highways or pulling out onto busy roads. It takes a lot of the stress out of getting up to speed quickly. Then, when I am up to speed, I can bump the shifter back over and cruise in hybrid or even all-electric mode.”

Our current average sits at 57.9 miles-per-gallon, and since it can be easily charged overnight from a regular 120-volt household outlet, there’s no need to pay for a Level 2 charger.

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