Kellys Updates The Tygon And Tayen E-MTBs With New Panasonic Motor

Slovak bicycle brand Kellys has introduced updates to two of its popular hardtail electric mountain bikes, the Tayen and Tygon. Updates mainly consist of revised frame construction as well as an upgraded Panasonic GX Ultimate motor. The electric mountain bike segment has seen a massive boom in recent years, with more and more cyclists realizing the added benefit of having an electric motor while out on the trails.

Diving into the specifics a little bit deeper, both the Tayen and Tygon are hardtail electric mountain bikes with similar geometries. They both sport a 120-millimeter front suspension fork. For the 2023 model year, Kellys has updated the models with the new Panasonic GX Ultimate motor. This lightweight e-bike system weighs in at just 2.9 kilograms, and features a variety of riding modes. The most intuitive of which is the Auto mode, which tailors pedal assist proportionally to your pedal input. According to the brand, this makes for a more natural pedal feel, allowing superior control and power delivery on all terrain.

Kellys has incorporated its proprietary V10 725-Wh battery pack. Although slightly heavier than the motor at 3.7 kilograms, the battery claims an impressive capacity-to-weight ratio of 194 watt-hours per kilogram. This translates to longer hours on the saddle, and more trails to explore. Once depleted, the battery can be charged via a standard household outlet in around six hours.

Other technology features on the new Kellys Tayen and Tygon mountain bikes include a Panasonic Bluetooth 5.0 color display that constantly shows you your speed and battery charge. On top of that, the Komoot app can als be integrated to the system, effectively turning your smartphone into a dashboard which you can mount on the handlebars. The display also controls the riding modes, allowing you to toggle between modes while on the go. As for the frames, they’re made out of aluminum and are constructed out of laser cut components and robotic welding. The frames feature boost thru-axle systems on the rear for added rigidity for technical terrain.

As for pricing and availability, Kellys is offering the Tygon and Tayen at a price starting at 2,999 Euros, or around $3,119 USD. The bikes are available in multiple variants, with top-of-the-line versions such as the Tygon R90, equipped with a RockShox fork and Shimano components, retailing for up to 4,000 Euros, or approximately $4,160 USD.

Sources: Kellys Bike, Notebook Check

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