Jaguar Land Rover to test aerospace technology-derived lightweight materials for future vehicles –

Jaguar Land Rover will be conducting a two-year research project for the testing of new lightweight materials that will be used in future models, Autocar reported. The research trial will be using sensor technology developed for the aerospace industry, and it will be looking at how innovative metals and composite materials respond to harsh or corrosive environments.

These materials will be tested in “some of the world’s most extreme physical conditions” in a programme spanning more than 400,000 km across various parts of North America, according to the report.

Data gathered from the testing will be shared with Jaguar Land Rover’s UK development team for them to accurately forecast future behaviour of the materials tested. This way, any innovation in the field can meet the company’s standards for longevity and quality, the magazine wrote.

This research forms part of a consortium of aluminium producers and other automakers with similar objectives, and is also said to include ‘world-class partners’, says Autocar. This research project is an example of Jaguar Land Rover’s commitment to developing lightweight, durable and robust materials for the company’s future vehicles, said project lead engineer Matt Walters.

This research project by Jaguar Land Rover follows up from the company’s prior efforts, such as the testing of printed structural electronics for interiors in 2019, which was said to reduce the weight of in-car electronics by up to 60%, according to Autocar.

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