‘I was astonished to find a hidden compartment of my car I’d never used’

An owner of a classic car has revealed that he was stunned to find a secret compartment in the dashboard. The TikTok user @angrybritain posted a video opening a compartment in the interior of his 1969 Volkswagen Beetle.

The dark blue tray, located underneath a 12-volt socket, was obscured by a diagram of the gearshift. Writing in the description, @angrybritainexplained how long he had owned the car before noticing this feature.

He said: “I’ve had the car six months and had no idea this was here!”

However, viewers soon realized that the secret compartment in the Beetle can be found in various cars of all ages and manufacturers. One commenter wrote: “What secret compartment? That is an ash tray.”

Another stated: “This is an ash tray for when they used to smoke.”

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Whilst an ash tray was an essential part of a car interior during the 1960s, today far fewer people smoke when they are behind the wheel.

In 2007, various states, such as Alabama and New York, banned smoking in a vehicle when a child under the age of 18 was also on board.

In addition, some motoring experts also claim that smoking and driving reduces the concentration of a motorist, leading to more risks being taken.

Built between 1938 and 2003, the original Volkswagen Beetle remains one of the worlds best-selling cars of all time with over 21million produced.

With its durable air-cooled engine and simple construction, the Beetle remains a popular classic car.

Notable owners of these retro Volkswagens include Chris Pratt, Heidi Klum and, needless to say, Jay Leno.

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