How To Become A Car Designer From An Ex-Ferrari, McLaren Designer

The life advice we needed.

So, you want to be a car designer, but you’re not sure where to start? Well, experienced car designer Frank Stephenson understands how difficult it is to break into the highly competitive world of car design, and he’s here to help. In his latest video, Stephenson gives his advice on how to break into car design and succeed.

There are many avenues to start your career as a professional designer and Stephenson is quick to point out that his traditional path is not the only option. Stephenson studied design at Art Center College of Design in California and upon graduation took an entry-level position at Ford in Germany. From there Stephenson went on to work as a designer at Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren, and Mini to name a few of his achievements. This straight forward career path is not common or even available to everyone.

In today’s world of car design Stephenson is quick to point out opportunities and pitfalls for designers. Stephenson is wary of current car design trends that are becoming more homogeneous and threaten the very need for designers in the first place.

Thankfully there’s never been a better time to design a car at home. With the growing ease of software use and the ability to share designs via social media, sharing your creations has never easier. Building your own personal brand and designing for yourself will not only create a personal brand but all you to hone your craft which is critical to succeeding.

Stephenson’s best piece of advice gives you the perfect starting point, “before you surrender yourself to being an employee of a company, see what you can create for yourself”. So, let’s get started.


Frank Stephenson

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