Honda Malaysia set to launch four new models in 2023 – WR-V, CR-V, FL5 Civic Type R and City facelift –

Honda Malaysia is set to introduce four new vehicles in 2023, three of which will be all-new models, and the fourth a facelift. This was revealed in the business plan briefing the company held during its media night last Friday.

One of the four models was highlighted – while not specifically mentioned, the “small SUV” that was shown in a slide during the presentation is easily identified as the WR-V. Due to be introduced here in the third quarter, it will be joined by the sixth-generation CR-V and the FL5 Civic Type R, despite there being no outright identification of both during the briefing.

The CR-V, which was unveiled last July and set to be officially introduced in Thailand this coming Wednesday, is pretty much a given, seeing that the SUV has been spied running road trials in Malaysia and the nameplate very much a staple for the brand here.

When it eventually arrives, it is expected to do so as an e:HEV hybrid with a 2.0 litre engine and as a petrol variant, with the familiar 1.5 litre VTEC Turbo mill continuing to hold court. Word on the grapevine is that it will only debut after the WR-V arrives, which means it won’t be introduced before Q3.

As for the new Civic Type R, a photo of a manual gear knob in a presentation slide is as good an indicator as any that it’s coming. The FL5, which is based on the 11th-generation Civic Hatchback, is the follow-up act to the FK8 that was introduced here in 2017.

No indication of pricing, but before you get too excited by the prospect of the 330 PS/420 Nm firebrand, it’s safe to expect that the price of the new one will be higher than the previous-gen, which went for RM320,000 when it arrived.

Finally, the facelift, and this will be that of the City. The refreshed fifth-generation sedan made its debut in India earlier this month. Save the minor revisions to the exterior and interior, buyers can expect to find everything familiar about the car, including the powertrain choices available for it.

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