‘Hilarious’ Drivers caught blocking cycle lanes – only to ride exercise bikes in the park

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The motorists in question were seen blocking a cycle lane next to the park in Edinburgh to jump on the static cycles, a situation described by one Twitter user as ‘so stupid it’s hilarious’.
The person who took the photos said it was a regular occurrence due to fitness classes being held in the park in Marchmont.

The pictures were posted to Twitter by Dave McCraw, who pointed out the fallacy of trying to reduce the number of cars on the road by driving to a cycling class.

He said: “We’re struggling to reduce soaring traffic volumes in Edinburgh.

“Something that doesn’t help is making it legal to park over cycle lanes to do stationary bike riding in the park.”

Comments underneath his tweet included one user replying simply: “This is insane”.

Another Twitter user added: “They drive to the park, park in the cycle lane, then use the exercise bikes? That is so stupid it’s hilarious.”

The photos were taken on a Sunday and there are single yellow lines in place, leading some drivers to ask what the problem was and if the issue was that they were parked on a yellow line at the weekend.

Mr McCraw replied: “No, I’m moaning that we’ve built cycle lanes that people can park on.”

Several fitness companies run classes in the park, which is named “The Meadows”.

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But another Twitter user wrote: “Along as its after the stated times your perfectly fine to park on a single yellow line.

“Its not as if there parked behind those ridiculous bollards.

“How do you know every car parked is at the fitness classes.

“Could be a family with a disability badge visiting the meadows.”

Another asked: “Never understood why the ‘fitness’ vans park on the meadows often blocking benches and paths. Do they get licenses to do this?

“I know in Westminster they would charge professional trainers if they took paid classes in public parks.”

Others complained about the maintenance of the cycle lane, with one writing: “Could do with improving the conditions of cycle lanes too, the road rubbish & potholes in the roads is actually dangerous to everyone.”

Another wrote: “I’ve spotted one of our cycle shops parking his store van both on cycle lane & up on already tiny pavement near me regularly. When even the bike advocates are doing this we’re beyond b*ggered. Infuriating.”

Other replies included: ”This is one of the saddest things I have ever seen I think.”

And: “Why the <redacted> does anyone want to ride a #exercisebike outside? Am I weird to think that if I am going to the effort of pedalling, I should get the benefit of seeing the countryside go past?”

“This is absolutely preposterous! Another huge problem with dashed cycle lanes is parents parking in them to drop children off at school at busiest times, when they’re most needed.”

And: “That is surely taking the biscuit. Utter lunacy to be static cycling in a park.”

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