Gig Car Share Ends Service in Sacramento

In Sacramento, Gig Car Share operated a fleet of 260 all-electric Chevy Bolts

Photo: Pixabay / andreas160578

Electric carsharing company Gig Car Share ended its service in Sacramento at the end of February, according to a report by Fox 40.

“While we remain committed to our vision for a shared mobility future, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue operations in the Sacramento Home Zone as of Tuesday Feb. 28,” the company website stated.

Launched in 2019 in Sacramento, Gig Car Share offered its all-electric carsharing program with one-way point-to-point rentals. The company operated a fleet of 260 all-electric Chevy Bolts, according to the report.

John Treanor, a spokesperson from Gig’s parent company AAA, told Fox 40 that low demand and high operational costs lead to the decision to suspend service in Sacramento.

Currently, Gig still offers its electric carsharing service in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle.

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