Germany: Plug-Ins Accounted For 17.5% Of Car Market In October 2020

The German electric locomotive is speeding up.

October was the sixth record month for passenger plug-in electric car sales in Germany this year (and the second one in a row). It’s not only the biggest EV market in Europe (over a quarter of the total volume), but also one of the quickest growing.

According to the official stats, last month, plug-in registrations quadrupled to 48,017 (up 303% year-over-year). The market share is now at an amazing 17.5%! This is like one step away from one fifth of new cars being rechargeable.

Sales of BEVs and PHEVs seem quite balanced:

Plug-in electric car registrations in Germany – October 2020

New registrations year-to-date:

Sales of models/brands

The top-selling plug-in model (and all-electric in particular) is once again the Renault ZOE with 5,010 new registrations (and 5,014 sales according to Renault). It’s the 7th best selling model in the country!

The second best BEV was the Volkswagen ID.3 with 2,647 new registrations (two times more than 1,300 Volkswagen e-Golf). By the way, there were also 72 ID.4 registered.

We would like to point out strong results from Hyundai Kona Electric (1,932), smart EQ fortwo (1,846), Audi e-tron (1,202), BMW i3 (1,1790)

The plug-in hybrid segment is growing strong as well, and Mercedes-Benz is the dominant force here with over 8,000 units (including 1,547 A-Class, 1,193 C-Class, 1,495 E-Class)!

Brands that recorded the highest number of plug-in car registrations were:

Porsche Taycan had a record 373 registrations. Tesla noted just 252 registrations this time (37 Model S, 44 Model X and 171 Model 3). Polestar 2 was at 174.

Official stats:



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