Genesis GV60 EV Will Arrive Before 2021 Ends, Name Officially Confirmed

The GV60 is Genesis’ version of the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia CV, with a luxury twist.

By the end of 2021, you will have three variations of basically the same vehicle to choose between – the Hyundai Ioniq 5 will debut first, on February 23, then Kia will pull the wraps off the CV and finally, before the year ends, the Genesis GV60 will be shown to the public too.

This information was made public by Automotive News after dealers attended the 2021 NADA make meeting on Wednesday and the information got out. According to Peter Lanzavecchia, the chairman of the Genesis National Dealer Advisory Council,

Product is always top of mind for dealers, and we actually got a huge product announcement. It was made official that our first battery-electric vehicle will be a luxury SUV called the GV60.

Apparently, they were not yet shown any photos of the upcoming model, but they were told it was going to be a crossover that would sit below the GV70 (that will also be available as the GV70e EV) in the Genesis lineup.

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What’s interesting about the latest dealer meeting (this year held exclusively online) is that it basically gathered people that were used to selling Hyundai cars for whom sales volumes were key. Now, with Genesis, it seems they want to keep the vehicles exclusive by not offering that many of them. As Lanzavecchia explained,

The reservation and presale process will continue for these product launches because it’s going to be intentionally running lean. That’s great news for retailers. We really have to get out of the Hyundai mindset where it’s all about bulk, throughput, volume. We’ve got to protect our pricing power and protect the exclusivity of the brand.

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