Ford F-150 Lightning Rendered To Look Like Original SVT Lightning

The new electric F-150 revives an iconic nameplate and this is what it would look like closer to the original’s formula.

The Ford F-150 Lightning is already more powerful and quicker than the late 1990s F-150 SVT Lightning, with its 5.4-liter V8 that in later model years made 380 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque. That was enough to send the single-cab 1990s F-150 to sixty in around six seconds, not really that fast by modern standards.

The new fully-electric Lightning, in its most powerful guise, will sprint to sixty in around 4.5 seconds, quicker even than the current F-150 Raptor that needs 5.5 seconds – it will be the quickest production F-150 ever. But it won’t look like the SVT Lightning model, which is why TheSketchMonkey went to work on it to try to make it resemble the original more.

First, he turned it into a single-cab model, shortened the wheelbase, gave it some sportier  larger wheels with striking orange calipers and a front bumper lip that is similar to what the original had. The result is pretty interesting, although just like with the original, the proportions seem quite strange with the short wheelbase and single cab design.

The only thing he could have done to make the vehicle in the rendering more similar to the SVT would have been to widen the rear track and have bulging arches and flanks. This was a trademark look of the original and it certainly helped it look better with its reduced wheelbase. Giving it a nice lick of red paint would have also helped (the original was also available in blue), and in case you were wondering, Ford does offer a red color for the new F-150 Lightning – check out all the colors currently available for it.

Source:TheSketchMonkey / YouTube

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