Ford Bronco Refresh Coming Sooner Than Originally Planned: Report

As Ford Bronco production slowly moves forward through the COVID pandemic and supply chain issues, rumors of a mid-cycle refresh are already circulating. We previously reported on a 2025 refresh rumor, but now that could happen a year earlier.

The source of the latest rumor is Ford Authority, the same source as the previous report. As before, the information comes from an anonymous individual or individuals allegedly familiar with the Bronco. But even in the best-case scenario, this source has already been wrong about the Bronco’s future at least once. contacted Ford directly in hopes of gaining at least some official insight on the refresh rumors, but the automaker has no comment for future products. So for now, take this rumor with a very skeptical eye.

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We mention it because 2024 or 2025 falls within the normal timeframe of an SUV refresh. However, we also know that these days are anything but normal. There’s no question the Bronco is a tremendous win for Ford, but it’s also been plagued with delays from the start. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed its debut to July 2020, then quality issues with the roof caused a delay in initial production. Since then, supply chain problems and the global microchip shortage have conspired to create production problems for all automakers, not just Ford. However, when you have a vehicle as insanely popular as the Bronco, even the smallest issues are magnified.

If the 2024 refresh rumor is indeed true, we’d likely see it debut later in 2023. With Bronco demand still extremely high, it’s possible that new orders placed today could be pushed to 2023. That raises a dilemma for Bronco buyers: order now and possibly not take delivery for two years, or wait two years and possibly buy a refreshed Bronco once demand has softened?

Of course, the second choice hinges on demand actually weakening over time. We’re now well over a year since the Bronco’s debut, and thus far, demand is as strong as ever.


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