Fifth Gear host urges drivers to make homemade de-icer using water and salt

De-icer: How to make homemade defrosting spray

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She said drivers could make a simple solution using nothing but water and salt to clear ice from their vehicles. She said the homemade solution was better than using “other objects” to scrape ice off the vehicle which could lead to damage.

Ms Butler-Henderson was giving her top ice tips to motoring experts MoreThan.

They said: “If there is ice on your windscreen, gently chip away at the ice using a car ice scraper.

“If you’re looking for something more eco-friendly there are a couple of homemade solutions, such as mixing water and eco-friendly ice melting salt and spray onto your car in a reusable bottle.

“Avoid using other objects to scrape the ice off your car as this could lead to either the object or your windscreen becoming damaged.”

Motoring experts have also pushed for drivers to make a homemade solution using just salt.

They said mixing one tablespoon of slaty water with two cups of water should be enough to help melt the ice. has also urged eco-friendly drivers to consider using homemade de-icers instead of store-bought items.

However, they warned spraying too much salt on a vehicle could lead to the metal suffering some corm of corrosion in a major risk.

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They said: “Being able to make de-icer at home is a handy solution if you’ve ran out.

“It can also be a good alternative If you’re concerned about the environment.

“You can buy eco-friendly de-icers, but if you want to be even greener, a homemade de-icer might be the best option.

“Make a solution using water and a teaspoon of salt.

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