Fastned: MINI Cooper SE Accepts Up To 50 kW DC Charging Power

Test shows that DC charging starts above 30 kW and then increases toward 50 kW.

Fastned fast charging network recently had an opportunity to collect data from DC charging of the all-new MINI Cooper SE, which entered the market a few months ago.

The manufacturer’s specs already included info that the DC charging is limited to about 50 kW, which is a reasonable level for the small battery pack of 32.6 kWh (28.9 kWh usable), but now we can take a closer look at the charging power curve versus battery state of charge.

Fastned confirmed that the peak is at around 50 kW: “The charge speed is up to 50 kW at all of our chargers. On average, the MINI Electric charges 100 km of range in 20 – 25 minutes.”

MINI Cooper SE fast charging

The peak charging power is – as always – just barely the beginning of understanding how fast an electric vehicle can charge, because the entire process is important.

In the case of the MINI Cooper SE, charging starts above 30 kW and more or less linearly, increases toward 50 kW. Then, it quickly falls down to less than 20 kW. Unfortunately, unlike previous charts, this time Fastned did not provide the scale of the SoC axis.

MINI Cooper SE (MINI Electric) specs (see more details here):

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