EV drivers can save £500 on home charger with car tax tip

Drivers in the UK were previously able to save £350 through a Government scheme allowing them to install an electric car charger at home, but was ended in 2022. A new scheme promises to save the average customer over £500, as well as save an enormous amount on the cost of an electric vehicle.

Motorists can now get both a new electric vehicle and smart charger through salary sacrifice, with the offer believed to be one of the first of its kind.

EV salary sacrifice company loveelectric.cars and Hypervolt unveiled the new scheme which allows people to save up to 60 percent on the cost of a new electric vehicle and save over 50 percent on a fully installed home charger. 

In exchange for a small portion of their gross monthly salary, drivers get a brand-new electric car and charger – leading to savings on National Insurance contributions and income tax. 

Steve Tigar, CEO of loveelectric.cars, said the salary sacrifice scheme would help the rollout of electric vehicles and save the average customer over £500.

He added: “Our partnership with Hypervolt is a game changer for our customers and the EV market. We created loveelectric.cars to ensure electric cars are accessible and affordable for people across the UK. 

“With Hypervolt, we’ve supercharged this offering by ensuring our drivers can access state-of-the-art, affordable chargers, too.” 

“The loss of the OZEV £350 grant towards home chargers was felt across the market and has held the UK’s transition to green transport back. 

“Alongside Hypervolt, we’re so excited to offer our customers this huge saving that will ensure that more people can afford to make the jump to electric.” 

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The charger comes with access to Hypervolt’s app, allowing users to schedule their EV charging sessions to access cheaper off-peak energy tariffs, integrate with solar and other smart home features, and track their energy usage and expenditure. 

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) was replaced by the OZEV grant at the beginning of April 2022.

It gave eligible electric vehicle owners grants of up to £350 towards the cost of installing an EV charger at home.

Many experts lamented the Government’s decision to cut the funding, saying it was a useful grant to help drivers charge from home and convince others to switch to electric.

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From April 2022, the eligibility changed, meaning homeowners (including people with mortgages) who live in single-unit properties such as bungalows and detached, semi-detached or terraced housing could no longer access the grant.

The EV chargepoint grant does still exist and helps landlords install an EV charging socket with the help of either £350 or 75 percent off the cost to buy and install.

Each financial year, people can get up to 200 grants for residential properties and 100 grants for commercial properties.

These can be across several properties and installations or for one property.

David Woodford, Head of Partnerships at Hypervolt, commented on the scheme, saying: “Disruptors like to work with disruptors, and we are both extremely excited and highly motivated for our two burgeoning brands to roll out this one-stop-shop for EVs.”

Mr Tigar added: “Salary sacrifice is a game changer for the electric revolution, and finding a charging partner who can also access those savings has been a priority for us for some time.”

A further Government-funded “EV infrastructure grant” gives money off the cost of wider building and installation work that’s needed to install multiple chargepoint sockets.

People can get up to £30,000 or 75 percent off the cost of the work, with a maximum of 30 infrastructure grants each financial year.

The amount depends on how many parking spaces the work covers and each grant must be used for a different property.

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