‘EU nonsense!’: New EU speed limiters set to launch in UK are ‘assault on freedom’

EU: Speed limiters to be implemented from 2022

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The new limiters are expected to be launched in the UK from July 2022 despite already leaving the European Union. The technology will sound audio and visual warnings to a driver when they break the limit and can be overridden when they are first launched.

However, the tool may eventually be able to limit engine power to restrict drivers from breaking driving laws.

The new tool has led to readers questioning the terms of the current Brexit deal and whether the UK has really left EU control.

Some have claimed the tools were “not what was voted for” and warned the UK was still being “dictated to” by the EU.

Express reader XPQR said: “I thought we left the EU to avoid these assaults on our freedom?”

Another reader added: “They should be banned in the UK or at least disabled.”

Reader StopEU added: “This is not what was voted for, it is a distortion of democracy, which is of course the EU way.”

June Ward said: “Ridiculous that we are still being dictated to, or taking on board, the EU’s agenda.

“Why are we doing this? It’s madness and will cause chaos.”

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Others have claimed the new tools could lead to “serious accidents” and potentially fatal accidents as drivers cannot quickly escape from danger.

Reader WorldWatcher said drivers may not be able to take “a proactive action” to avoid crashes themselves and queried who would take responsibility after accidents.

He said: “Ignoring the fact that the UK Government is allowing the EU to interfere in yet another point of UK national interest

“My question is will this ‘speed limiter’ be the cause of serious accidents including deaths?

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