Electrify America and ChargePoint Partner To Simplify Charging

Two EV charging giants form interoperability agreement to make charging more accessible

Electrify America and ChargePoint today announced a collaboration which will allow members of either network to use the other, without the need to also join that network. The partnership will begin at an unspecified date later this year. 

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Interoperability has been a nagging issue for EV drivers since public EV charging infrastructure began to proliferate. I personally have a wallet full of RFID cards and apps on my phone in case I need to use an Electrify America, ChargePoint, EVgo, Blink or Greenlots station near me. 

Today’s announcement will definitely simplify the charging process for many, as ChargePoint and Electrify America are the two biggest EV charging networks in the US today. Hopefully, this will just be the continuation of interoperability agreements. And once the implementation of Plug & Charge technology is available on every network, public EV charging will be even easier. 

“With the two largest EV charging service providers in the U.S. reaching this agreement, we can help expedite electric vehicle adoption by creating a seamless and reliable charging experience for consumers,” said Giovanni Palazzo, president and CEO of Electrify America. “By connecting our public charging networks, we increase the convenience and accessibility EV drivers need to travel where they want, when they want.”

This isn’t the first time Electrify America and ChargePoint have formed alliances for interoperability, but it is the largest. Back in October 2018, we reported that Electrify America had signed interoperability agreements with EV Connect, Greenlots, and SemaConnect. Then, In December of 2018, ChargePoint and Greenlots joined up for a similar cross-network roaming agreement.

According to the press release, this agreement will connect more than 30,000 (and growing) Level 2 and DC fast chargers from both the Electrify America and ChargePoint networks, across the United States. 

“This roaming agreement further accelerates the seamless integration of individual EV fueling networks and brings us even closer to the day when the movement of all goods and people will be powered by electricity,” said Pasquale Romano, president and CEO, ChargePoint, Inc. “Partnerships like this make transitioning to electric drive easier than continuing to use fossil fuels. Our agreement is another example of cross-industry collaboration and underscores the importance of working together to support this transformation of mobility.”

Hopefully, one day this will all be behind us, and EV drivers can simply pull up to any charging station, plug in and walk away without swiping a credit card, holding up an RFID card or using an app to initiate the charging session. With all of these roaming agreements, and Plug & Charge technology beginning to be implemented this year, it may not be too long for that to be reality. 

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