Electric car range can be increased by 10 percent thanks to an add-on

According to electric car experts at GRIDSERVE, by opting for a heat pump electric car drivers could increase their vehicle’s range by as much as 10 percent. This could be especially handy ahead of the summer when many motorists embark on long leisurely journeys. 

The experts said: “There’s one add-on we’d recommend all EV drivers should go for, the heat pump.

“Range tests show that the mileage of EVs with heat pumps drops around 10 percent less than an EV with a fan heater.”

The experts explained that a heat pump is much more efficient compared to a traditional heater. 

In fact, data shows that heat pumps can be three times more efficient than the heater option. 

The experts said: “Electric car range drops in cold conditions but range tests show that mileage drops around 10 percent less in the cold on cars fitted with a heat pump compared to those running a fan heater.

“Heat pumps will work their magic in all temperatures, too, so it’s not just technology for sub-zero climates.”

The way a heat pump works is very similar to a normal home fridge, just in reverse. 

The pump’s main job is to take any excess heat from the battery and other electrical systems and compress it to high pressure. 

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Because of the compression, the temperature rises and that is then used to heat the interior of an EV. 

A standard home fridge works in reverse by taking the warm air from the inside and pushing it to the outside. 

Having heat pumps when temperatures drop is also very beneficial. 

The experts said: ” A heat pump enables efficient remote pre-conditioning, which means you can set your car to a temperature and let it defrost from the comfort of your home.

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“If you’re plugged in at home while pre-conditioning then you won’t be draining the battery, either, maintaining range.”

Heat pumps are still very little-known because vehicles did not previously need them. 

However, as we enter the EV era, experts predict it will soon change. 

With petrol and diesel cars being the norm for the last few decades, drivers never struggled with the lack of excess heat. 

This is because fuel-powered engines are inefficient and produce plenty of excess heat that can then be re-used in the cabin. 

The experts added: “By contrast, an electric motor is very efficient and doesn’t produce much waste heat at all, so engineers had to find another way to keep us toasty in winter.”

When it comes to an electric car’s traditional fan heater, experts warn that the biggest issue with them is inefficiency. 

The experts explained that on a full blast a regular fan heater “would use significant amounts of battery charge and harm range”.

They, therefore, recommend an “extremely efficient” heat pump. 

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