E10 fuel could be a ‘fire waiting to happen’ for classic cars in a ‘massive safety issue’

E10 biofuel: Department for Transport explains why it’s ‘better'

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YouTube channel Twin-Cam has warned the new petrol could lead to a “massive potential safety issue” for many owners. Host Ed Westby said rubber would degrade certain materials “much quicker” which can be a major concern for classic car owners.

Mr Westby said: “If you remember back to chemistry at high school you’ll know that ethanol is a solvent.

“Meaning it degrades certain materials, such as rubber, much quicker than petrol does.

“This causes a massive potential safety issue.

“If the gaskets in your carburettor for example or the rubber fuel hose start to degrade and leak, that’s not good news.

“Especially in an Austin A-Series engine… where the carburettor sits right above the exhaust manifold.

“If the carb or the fuel hoses start leaking that’s a fire waiting to happen.

“If you increase the ethanol content in the fuel, those materials degrade quicker and the risk of fire increases.”

The warning comes after YouTuber’s Ray’s Garage urged drivers to check the specification of their fuel hoses before they install them in their vehicles.

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They urged drivers to check the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) rating which is stamped on the rubber.

They said rubber hoses with R7 stamps are compatible with E10 fuel and can be used with the new compound.

But, R6 fuel hoses are not compatible with the new fuel meaning drivers cannot use the new compound.

Classic car insurance experts at Hagerty also delivered a critical warning over E10 fuel.

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