Drivers urged to use unusual tips to help defrost windscreen

Driving tip: How to defrost your windscreen

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With temperatures dropping rapidly, motorists are preparing to spend more time in the morning clearing frost, ice and potentially snow from their car to ensure they have good visibility. The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for fog which is set to impact much of England and parts of Wales.

The organisation warns that it could lead to “difficult travel conditions” and could lead to slower journey times with possible delays to buses, trains and flights.

It warns that people should avoid travel if possible as visibility is expected to fall below 200 metres, with severe disruption occurring when visibility falls below 50 metres.

Motorists should Drive very slowly with dipped headlights, full-beam lights reflect off the fog causing a “white wall” effect.

While fog will be present today, many motorists are still taking time out of their mornings to clear frost and ice from their windscreen. A group of experts have analysed some of the most popular deicing methods.

Warm water

Drivers should avoid using boiling water as it could lead to the windscreen cracking from thermo pressure given the extreme changes in temperature.

Caruno suggested using warm water in a bag, saying: “To make this work, fill up a zip lock bag with warm water then gently rub the bag over your windscreen and windows. 

“It takes mere seconds for it to work and voila – frost-free screen and windows in no time.” 

However, it is important that boiling water is not used as this can cause damage to your windscreen.

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Cat litter and socks

According to Reddit, if a driver tries this, they will have no moisture left inside the windshield, meaning they won’t have to defrost inside, and less on the outside.

It can be done by filling a sock most of the way with cat litter and securing it with an elastic band. It can then be placed on the dashboard and drivers won’t need to worry about fogged-up glass.

Caruno said: “It’s important to de-mist the interior side of your windscreen and other windows too; put the air conditioning on and watch the dry air help to clear the glass. Avoid wiping the inside where possible as it could leave unattractive streak marks or scratches, causing further visibility issues.”

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Some Reddit users have suggested using laminate flooring to clear frost, saying it was ergonomic and “the groove at one end scrapes brilliantly”.

This should be avoided at all costs. Drivers are constantly urged not to use any makeshift alternatives to scrape ice and frost away, including credit cards.

Caruno experts claim: “Nothing beats a good de-icer spray and quality scraper – purposely made to help you de-ice your windscreen and other windows safely. Invest in a good de-icer and scraper duo and watch them work their magic.”


Before a night of freezing temperatures, frost and ice, many people will go out and cover their windscreen with a blanket or cardboard to prevent anything from forming.

While this will work and limit the amount of frost on the windscreen, some drivers are not as convinced, preferring another cover.

On Reddit and other forums, motorists say they brought a simple nylon windscreen cover from a supermarket which set them back less than £2.

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