Drivers urged to use clever fuel-saving hacks to slash consumption

Hypermiling: Drivers go to extremes to conserve fuel

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Currently, petrol and diesel prices remain high despite costs falling consistently since the record high prices seen at the beginning of July. Drivers are facing average costs of 163.47p per litre for petrol while diesel motorists are still being lumbered with prices of 180.43.

As a result, drivers looking to fill an average sized 55-litre family car will face costs of £99 with diesel.

To combat the high prices, many drivers have taken to using hypermiling techniques in a bid to reduce their fuel bill and increase their fuel economy.

Combined with the cost of living hikes, it’s not surprising that British drivers are trying to find ways to keep their fuel in their tanks for longer.

Will Bullen of Car Lease Special Offers, urged drivers to make use of the fuel-saving to help them cut costs.

Speaking to, he said: “Harsh acceleration and braking use a lot of engine power, which uses more fuel. 

“Not only is this better for the environment to brake and accelerate smoothly, it’s better for your fuel bill. 

“One way in which you can avoid the need for harsher acceleration and braking is by anticipating the traffic ahead.”

Recent data found that a staggering 93 percent of young drivers aged between 18 and 24 are trying to maximise fuel efficiencies when driving.

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Birmingham is the hypermiling capital of the UK, with 95 percent of drivers trying not to burn fuel.

Mr Bullen also highlighted how a lot of drivers were looking at different methods to save money, saying these tips were a “great start” to cutting costs.

He added that small adjustments can have positive impacts on the fuel consumption and bank balance.

He continued, saying: “If you’re on a road that you know has several traffic lights over a short distance or in a long queue of traffic, rather than stopping and starting try travelling at a lower speed.

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“This keeps your vehicle rolling and removes the constant stopping and starting that you might otherwise use. 

“An idling engine is still burning fuel. If you are in slow moving or stop-start traffic, consider putting your hand brake on and turning your engine off. 

“The same applies when picking someone or dropping someone off, consider shutting off the engine if you are stopped for a long period.”

There have been renewed calls in recent weeks for the Government to implement a fuel price checker, similar to Northern Ireland.

Drivers in Northern Ireland can use the Consumer Council’s Fuel Price Checker to monitor prices near them and get the best deal.

Prices in the country are cheaper than in the rest of the UK thanks to the transparency of the checker.

Diesel drivers in Newtownabbey can benefit from the cheapest average cost in the UK at just 172.9p per litre, while Armagh has the cheapest petrol by far at just 154.9p.

Finally, Will Bullen said: “If you have a modern car with stop-start technology then use this, it will automatically reduce the time you spend with an idling engine if used correctly.”

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