Drivers left ‘concerned’ about ULEZ changes with households to pay ‘thousands’

High Court ruling allows Sadiq Khan to roll out ULEZ expansion

Drivers will be left in a “difficult situation” as London Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) changes will add “thousands” to household bills this summer.

Experts warn many ordinary people will feel the sting with many Londoners still baffled as to how the system will work.

It comes after a High Court ruled that Sadiq Khan’s controversial ULEZ expansion was lawful and would go ahead this August.

The increased boundary means around 700,000 more people will have to pay the daily £12.50 charge to use their motors.

Sally Foote, UK Managing Director at carwow was among the first to raise their concerns around the new scheme. She said: “When it comes to the ULEZ expansion, drivers and Londoners are in a difficult situation.

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“On one hand, there’s support for improving air quality, but right now, many household budgets are stretched and there is concern about the impact of expanding the zone, which could mean thousands of pounds in annual charges for those who need to travel daily in a non-compliant car.

“[The] decision, which will mean the ULEZ expansion goes ahead as planned at the end of August, means the important focus now needs to be addressing confusion – many people still do not know whether their cars are compliant or not, or indeed how much the charge is.”

The system is set to be introduced in less than a month with the green light given for a August 29 launch date.

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Last year, used car marketplace Motorway claimed the increased zone could add a staggering £4,500 to the cost of London house moving for car owners.

According to AutoTrader, tradespeople entering the zone in a non-compliant car could rack up charges of £3,100 per annum. Khan’s scheme was challenged by five Conservative-led councils but judge Mr Justice Swift rejected the action.

It comes after considerable opposition from the party with Susan Hall, the Tories London mayoral candidate, describing Khan’s plan a “cash grab”.

However, the Government has benefited from the system with Rishi Sunak holding onto Uxbridge at a recent by-election after fighting back on ULEZ.

Foote warns that drivers of non-compliant cars will be the most impacted by the changes and has called on motorists to take action immediately.

She added: “Drivers of non-compliant cars need to know they will be affected and they need help to make the right decision for their households. Those on tight budgets need to look at their options – a compliant car can be relatively affordable as most petrol cars from 2006 onwards should be fine.”

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