Drivers could be fined £5,000 or prosecuted for having sex in their car as half break rule

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There is no specific UK law against having sex inside a vehicle but drivers could break a series of rules for doing so. Drivers could be fined for careless driving if they are caught performing sex acts in a vehicle as this would be considered a distraction.

This could see road users issued a £100 fixed penalty notice and up to three points on their driving licence.

However, if the police consider that a driver may have put other road users at risk fines could rise to £5,000 and nine penalty points.

Some motorists could even be prosecuted for public decency or exposure if they park their vehicle in a popular public space.

However, there are no laws in place for road users who commit an act away inside their vehicles away from the public.

A survey from insurance brokers at ALA revealed that 49 percent of drivers have engaged in some kind of sexual activity inside a vehicle.

The research revealed that this was mainly due to necessity and practical reasons with 42 percent saying this was the only private place available.

Shockingly younger drivers between 18 and 24 were found to be the least likely to have sex inside a car with 35-44-year-olds the most adventurous.

A total of thirty percent of road users revealed they had committed a sex act while driving the vehicle in a major safety risk.

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Motorists in Bristol were found to be the riskiest with 43 percent admitting to performing acts while travelling.

Simon England, Managing Director at the ALA warned drivers that committing acts while the car was in motion could lead to “real danger”.

He confirmed participants could risk fines and penalty points which would likely have a “significant impact” on insurance costs.

Mr England said: “Whilst most UK drivers have been indulging their needs in a safely parked vehicle, we were shocked to find out that thirty percent of drivers admitted to engaging in sexual activity whilst driving.

“With this level of distraction occurring whilst driving, there is a real danger of damage to both their own vehicles and to other motorists.

“Risking a charge of driving without due care or attention or dangerous driving could result in a fine and penalty points or disqualification and even a prison sentence, which can have a significant impact on the price of your insurance.”

A report from Select Car Leasing found that Swansea was the sex capital of the UK with a third of road users admitting to using their car in the past.

Southampton, Worcester and Chelmsford were also near the top of the list with a quarter of road users having slept with someone in their vehicles.

James O’Malley, spokesperson for Select Car Leasing warned drivers that using their cars was a “big risk for a quick fumble”.

He said: “While having sex in a public place is not illegal in itself, the dangers of doing it in your car come from being spotted by members of the public.

“If caught you could be charged with public exposure, indecent exposure of gross indecency – which could result in a fine or if you’re a repeat offender, possible jail time.

“Like any activity that takes a driver’s attention off of the road, having sexual relations with someone while you’re driving can be a danger to yourself, your passengers and other drivers.

“So many people seem to have admitted to getting frisky in their car’s, and while it may not be a new phenomenon, the current laws in place seem like a big risk for a quick fumble.”

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