Driver hits out at neighbour who keeps parking in his spot

Furious woman hurls rubbish into street in parking row

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The driver, who wished to remain anonymous, said that he has been unable to park anywhere near his house because six of his neighbour’s vehicles are always taking up the space. In his frustration, the man took to Reddit’s Neighbours from Hell forum to ask for advice.

He wrote: “Since we moved in, I noticed during the day it’s always the same four vehicles parked in front of our house, but spaced out so that each car is taking up two spots and nobody else can park.

“Then at night, there are always two big a** box trucks just parked in front of my house.

“I assumed it was one of my neighbours but I’ve never seen anyone driving the vehicles so I haven’t had the chance to talk to anyone about it.”

While the driver admitted that he’s aware he doesn’t “own” the road, he has the right to be frustrated as he can’t park anywhere near his property.

The anonymous man continued: “I think it’s super inconsiderate to claim all the street parking, especially in front of someone else’s house.

“None of my roommates nor I have been able to park near our house since we moved in. We have one parking spot in our driveway and four vehicles to the house.”

However, the driver was in luck one morning after he spotted a person moving all the vehicles.

He said: “I run to put some clothes on because I wanted to catch them but they drove off before I was dressed.

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“I walked over to their house next door and their front gate is padlocked, with a no trespassing sign and no doorbell.

“Then there’s a ‘no trespassing’ sign on the front door too. Oh, and their driveway is completely empty. Yet all six of their cars just sit in the street all day.”

Several members of the forum replied to the initial post giving the man advice.

One person wrote: “Next time they block the drive, call the cops and have it ticketed and towed.”

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Another added: “Take pictures every time it happens. A video showing how it’s staggered and taking up a ton of space may be good too.

“If you know anyone with a teeny, tiny car or a motorcycle who would be willing to help, you could thwart their moves by parking between two or more of the vehicles.”

A third said: “If it interferes with you getting in and out of your driveway, even a little bit, call to have it towed.”

The news comes after a huge parking row erupted between neighbours after a man erected a novelty barricade to prevent parents on the school run from parking outside his house.

Derek Woodacre, 65, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, came up with several creative ways to deter drivers from parking on the street outside his home.

Mr Woodacre’s feud with parents parking on his street started a few years ago.

Since then, he has become a local attraction with people coming from all over the place to see his barricades.

Mr Woodacre told Manchester Evening News: “People drive past Manchester and are coming to see me and burst out laughing.

“They are in tears hearing about what I have planned for the future. It has gone mad in the area.”

The 65-year-old’s most recent efforts, however, were removed in July after a row erupted between him and his neighbours.

Some local residents said that Mr Woodacre’s antics had led to “sleepless nights” and the barricade had become so large it got to the point where emergency vehicles and bin men couldn’t get through to the end of the street.

They also called him “antagonising” and “stressful”. In response, Mr Woodacre said that he “does not care about their opinion” and that there aren’t many neighbours that are against his barricades.

The 65-year-old’s latest creation involves homemade gnomes and ones made in support of the Ukraine appeal.

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