Driver caught speeding 29 times in a single month handed 98 points and £10,000 fine

County Durham: Bird box is disguised as a speed camera

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Vasile Strajeru, a 43 year-old builder admitted 29 different speeding offences between 27 November and December 27 2020. Strajeru’s Vauxhall van was clocked by speed cameras going over the limit mostly on the same stretch of road in Lincolnshire, earning him almost 100 points on his licence.

Boston magistrate court handed the man, who is a director of a firm called ‘Start Building’, fines totalling £10,650 for the almost-daily offences, but stopped short of taking away his licence.

Lincolnshire police said: “The individual was issued with 30 notices in relation to the offences which occurred in 2020, and he did not respond to those notices of intended prosecution or our attempts to make contact.

“As a result, we sent the matter to court.

“Speed cameras are not used to punish serial offenders, they are there to deter speeding and reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured in a road traffic collision.

They added: “If a driver decides to commit multiple offences they will be dealt with accordingly.”

Usually a driver that racks up 12 points on their licence within a three year period would be banned from driving for six months.

But courts can decide not to impose that ban under certain circumstances.

One example is if the defendant claims that losing their driving licence would cause them undue financial hardship.

An example of this famously happened earlier in 2021 when the daughter of a socialite escaped with a fine of just £50 due to claiming she couldn’t afford to pay a fine of twice that amount.

Lady Eliza Manners admitted doing 47mph in a 40mph zone in March 2021 but said that the higher fine would cause her ‘cash flow issues.’

That was despite the woman, the daughter of the 11th Duke of Rutland, living in a flat in Notting Hill worth £700,000.

UK drivers now pay some £600,000 per day in speeding fines, a number that has rocketed 40 percent in the last ten years and poured almost a quarter of a billion pounds into the treasury.

In the last figures recorded before the COVID 19 pandemic, 2.6 million tickets were issued at a minimum fine of £100.

Those offences were recorded by 3,224 cameras across the country.

The South East of the UK was the most fined area since 2011 with over 1,000 fixed penalty notices a day.

It has all led British drivers to take more extreme measures to avoid being picked up by speed cameras.

Only last month a man was fined £3,000 and found guilty of perverting the course of justice after attaching a laser-jamming device to the front of his car in order to dodge being caught speeding.

Jason Moore fitted the device to his VW Transporter van which was picked up by an expert reviewing footage of the man driving at high speed on the A40 in Wales.

A flashing light from the van’s grille gave away the presence of a ‘suspect device’ leading to the vehicle being recovered and examined.

Despite Moore and his legal team claiming he had bought the ‘laser star’ device as a parking sensor he was found guilty, receiving the fine and a 32-week suspended prison sentence.

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