DK SCHWEIZER SnapFit seat covers from RM1,299; 20% discount when bought with Trapo mats! [AD] –

Established automotive upholstery provider DK SCHWEIZER is now an official technology partner of Trapo Malaysia, and together the firms have announced SnapFit, the product that has emerged from this collaboration.

SnapFit is a custom-made automotive leather seat cover that can be fitted and easily switched between different SnapFit car seat covers. SnapFit seat covers are made of a synthetic alternative to leather, offering the comfort, safety, finish and quality for its users as would be expected of DK SCHWEIZER and Trapo products.

It may not always be obvious, but aftermarket seat covers, if not done properly, could pose a real safety risk to its users. Some types of aftermarket car seat covers literally cover the vehicle’s original seat airbags, which means that they are obstructed and cannot function as they should when it matters the most – protecting the vehicle’s occupants in the event of a serious collision.

Therefore, the SnapFit range of seat covers jointly developed by DK SCHWEIZER and Trapo has been made with safety in mind, ensuring that airbag deployment functionality in cars that feature seat airbags remain unaffected, thus ensuring that the vehicle’s occupants have the peace of mind of fully functioning safety equipment.

Curious to find out more about the SnapFit leather seat covers by DK SCHWEIZER and Trapo? Pre-made designs can now be viewed at the Trapo Bangsar Hub. The SnapFit leather seat covers are priced from RM1,299 to RM2,099, and are available in a range of materials.

Better still, products from the newly-launched SnapFit range are now being offered at a 15% discount throughout the month of Ramadan, or a 20% discount on SnapFit products when purchased with any Trapo car mat.

Ready to add fresh leather upholstery to your car with the convenience of SnapFit, along with the peace of mind of unchanged safety equipment? Click here to find out more, or head over to the Trapo Bangsar Hub.

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