Demand for car-sharing increases by 22 percent in the UK

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As drivers sell their cars, new ways of transport are becoming increasingly popular and this includes car-sharing. With that in mind, new research from Moneybarn has analysed car-sharing Google searches from the last four years, to reveal how much the demand for car-sharing has increased across the UK.

The figures showed that car-sharing has increased by 22 percent in the UK in the last four years. 

London has the biggest demand for car sharing, with car-sharing searches increasing by 44.25 percent in the last year alone.

This is by far the largest search increase within the study, beating England, Scotland and Wales for the biggest search demand.

It is perhaps no surprise, that Londoners are looking for alternative ways of transport, due to the high levels of congestion and reliance on public transport within the city.

Northern Ireland saw the second biggest increase in car-sharing searches, increasing by 25.65 percent in the last 12 months.

Despite the demand for car sharing decreasing slightly in the last three years, searches increased to a whopping 507 each month in 2020.

This is most likely due to lockdown restrictions causing a strain on public transport and affecting key workers being able to get to work during this time.

England saw the third biggest increase in car-sharing searches in the last year, increasing by 22.33 percent.

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With 11,733 monthly car-sharing searches last year, England has seen a three-year increase of almost five percent.

With the cost of living crisis affecting the prices of petrol, it is no surprise that drivers in England have been looking for alternative ways to cut these costs down – making car sharing a perfect option for many.

However, the study also revealed that the number of private vehicles on British roads is also increasing. 

The UK saw an additional 189,858 licensed vehicles in 2022, an increase of 0.65 percent compared to 2021.

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Wales saw the most significant increase in private cars within the UK with 13,860 new registrations resulting in a 0.93 percent increase. 

The experts added: “The East Midlands saw the greatest relative increase in the number of private cars, with 23,251 additional vehicles meaning an increase of 1.01 percent.

“This was closely followed by the North West with an increase of 0.98 percent, while the South West had the third largest rise of 0.97 percent.”

The number of private cars only fell in London with the figure decreasing by 30,909 compared to the previous year. 

Over the last five years, the UK has seen a 4.06 percent increase in the number of licensed private cars.

The experts said: “While the vast majority of these were registered in England, it was Northern Ireland that saw the most significant relative increase of 7.29 percent, accounting for an additional 62,172 cars.

“Within England, the North West is tied with Yorkshire and the Humber with the joint-highest relative increase of 6.11 percent, accounting for 182,356 additional cars in the North West and 136,319 in Yorkshire.”

London, once again, was the only region that saw a decrease in the number of licensed private cars.  There were 59,827 fewer private cars in the capital.

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