Cyclist jumps red light and nearly collides with oncoming car – gets away with a warning

Footage shows cyclist fall into a ditch after Land Rover drives by

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A cyclist who jumped a red traffic light in the Fareham area near Portsmouth got away with a verbal warning after almost causing a nasty collision with an oncoming car. The incident was witnessed by an unmarked police car which was behind the cyclist.

The motorist in control of the approaching vehicle was forced to perform evasive action to avoid the cyclist.

A local police officer took to Facebook after the incident to warn cyclists.

Writing on the Fareham Cops Facebook page they said: “Just when you think you’ve seen it all before.

“Whilst out on patrol today I was behind a cyclist who went straight through a red light at lane-controlled roadworks and into the path of an oncoming car.

“Thankfully, the driver saw what was happening and gave room for the cyclist to pass by.

“After being stopped and given a verbal warning, they were sent on their way.

“Explained that not seeing the red light (or the marked police car) does not cut the mustard.

“Cyclists are one of the most vulnerable users of the roads and the rules are there for a reason.

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“Aside from potentially being issued with £50 Fixed Penalty Notice, getting seriously hurt or killed on a road for the sake of waiting a couple of minutes at the red light just isn’t worth the risk.

“The rules apply to ALL road users, including cyclists.”

The news comes after a Land Rover driver was fined £1,000 after helmet camera footage caught a cyclist falling off her bike as the vehicle passed.

The footage showed one of a group of cyclists toppling into the ditch after a Land Rover Defender drove past.

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Paul Nigel Miley, 52, was driving a Defender when he tried to overtake a group of cyclists on a single track road, injuring one of them.

The footage was sent to Northamptonshire Police’s Operation Snap and Mr Miley was charged with driving without due care and attention on June 11 last year.

The driver, of Ashby St Ledger, pleaded guilty at Northampton Magistrates’ Court this month.

He was also handed a fine of £1,008.

Police explained Mr Miley should have come to a stop to let the cyclists pass by his vehicle.

However, many people leaped to the driver’s defence, arguing he had left adequate space for the cyclists to pass safely.

Social media users added that the woman appeared to have caught her feet in her bike’s pedals.

One person commented: “Can’t see what he did wrong. Looks like she just fell over cos her feet were attached to her pedals. Maybe she just needs to learn how to get off her bike!”

Another user added: “What a waste of everyone’s time.”

While another put: “Where’s the offence? Honestly struggling to see what he could have done differently.”

One wrote: “I think he could have slowed a little bit more but I wouldn’t have blamed him for her falling off!

“This world has gone mad! That poor driver!”

Another said: “Honestly. If someone had been on foot, stepped to the side and fallen in a ditch, it most certainly wouldn’t have been the driver’s fault.

“He left plenty of room.”

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