Custom Lego Garage Is Perfect For Parking Your Speed Champions Collection

Just when we think we’ve seen the coolest car-themed Lego project, something new comes along to reset the bar. Case in point is this amazing supercar garage being built on the Bricksie YouTube channel. It’s a work in progress, but this gives us the opportunity to see some of the details baked into this project that might otherwise be hidden.

First off, the garage is part of a full-on mansion build that will include multiple floors, a helipad, and of course it’s all on beachfront property. The video above focuses on the garage, built with two-layer walls to get cool diamond designs and flush in-set windows. And this supercar garage has lots of windows, running along the back and the front as any affluent purveyor of motoring machines would have.

There’s also a functional garage door that rolls up – actually, there will be two once the build is done, but parts are still on-order to make it happen. According to the video, there are still many bricks to come before this project is completed.

The garage is easily large enough to accommodate a dozen Lego Speed Champions vehicles, but that leaves barely enough room for the mansion. As such, some of the space is repurposed for the living quarters but it’s still a very small area compared to the garage. Beams are added to support the weight of a second floor, which we see under construction in a second video shared below.

Adding more garage space on the second floor might be necessary. In addition to the Speed Champions vehicles already in the garage, three new kits are shown on a table awaiting construction. They include the recent Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R from 2 Fast 2 Furious, which went on sale in December and has been very difficult for Lego fans to get. Demand is such that it’s still sold out in many areas.

The second video also gives us a taste of the final build’s beachfront location. The water is meticulously detailed with different shades of blue, surrounded by tan bricks for the beach and green depicting the lawn. Thus far we don’t see a driveway for taking the cars out for a proper “drive,” but then again, many real-life car collectors relegate their machines to a snazzy garage.

How big will the second floor be? Will the garage expand further? With this being an in-progress project filled with improvisation, we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Source: Bricksie via YouTube

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