Continental Claims to Have Created A 48V Full Hybrid Solution

The supplier will present this and other EV solutions at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Electricity is such a beneficial concept for cars and their energy efficiency that they come in all forms. From a full BEV to the so-called mild hybridization. The problem with the latter is that it could not drive the car, just help in acceleration. Well, Continental claims to have developed a full-hybrid 48V system.

According to the German supplier, full hybridization was only possible with high voltage systems, of up to 800V. Continental says it has solved the problem with a stronger, water-cooled electric motor that delivers 30 kW. Or 40 hp.

Placed between the engine and the gearbox, in an arrangement called P2, the new hybrid system would able to drive the vehicle solely on electricity at speeds of up to 90 km/h. The main advantage – as always – relates to cost.

Parts for this hybrid system are much cheaper than the ones normally applied to a full-hybrid due to the lower voltage of the system. With the same sort of installation a mild-hybrid requires, the 48V system from Continental is also easier to include in any vehicle. 

Above all, the new full-hybrid system from Continental can rely on a relatively small battery pack. If the carmakers so decide, they can install a larger one and have a PHEV for a fraction of the cost these vehicles normally have.

The German supplier will present this 48V full-hybrid solution at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. The car that was chosen to showcase it is a Ford Focus.

Continental will also introduce an electric axle drive. It is a module that includes motor control, power electronics, electric motor and transmission in a relatively small pack of 80 kg. Being fully integrated, according to Continental, helps it save 20 kg. 

According to the company, we will soon see the electric axle drive in cars from Chinese and European manufacturers.

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