Colombia: BYD Just Won Another 400+ EV Bus Order

Bogota soon will have almost 900 electric buses and 98.5% will be BYDs.

BYD has just started deliveries of the 470 electric buses ordered by the Bogota City Public Transport Authority in Colombia on December 17, while a following order came in for 406 units!

This is how to end a year with a bang. Once the Chinese manufacturer will deliver all the vehicles in 2021, there will be 876 BYD electric buses (and 889 EVs total) in the Colombian capital of Bogota.

Those 406 new 9m- and 12m-long buses will be deployed along 15 routes in Bogota’s Fontibon district and used by some 150,000 residents.

The positive news for the local market is also that BYD will partner with Superpolo, a Colombian bus manufacturer:

“BYD will co-work with Superpolo, a Colombian bus manufacturer, on the body part of the buses for such order.”

There were already several big EV bus orders in South America in 2020, including hundreds of buses in Chile.

Hopefully, in 2021 we will finally see some high-volume orders also in North America. As far as we know, the highest one was from 2019 for 130 BYD K7M.

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