Cleveland Named Most Expensive City to Rent a Car

Travelers to Cleveland who rent a vehicle near the airport this summer can expect to pay an average daily rate of $84, the highest rate in the country according to a survey by In nearby Cincinnati, vacationers can expect to pay $82 a day.

Rounding out the least expensive cities were Miami ($24) and Orlando ($23).

The survey looked at 50 of the country's largest cities and car rental rates at those cities' major airports for June, July, and August. Rates were established in May via comparison search engines.

The top 10 most expensive cities to rent a car this summer:

The top 10 cheapest cities are:

  • Miami ($23)
  • Orlando ($24)
  • Jacksonville, Fla. ($26)
  • Las Vegas ($31)
  • Los Angeles ($32)
  • Dallas ($35)
  • San Diego ($36)
  • Tampa, Fla. ($38)
  • New Orleans ($41)
  • Salt Lake City ($43)
  • Milwaukee, Wisc. ($44)

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