Christmas shopping can invalidate your car insurance agreement this December

Martin Lewis gives car insurance advice on This Morning

Stacking shopping bags in your vehicle could see motorists block their rear windscreen and impede road vision in a major safety risk. Alongside this, heavy items such as presents and Christmas food may weigh down your vehicle which could cause danger to motorists.

Analysis by CarParts4Less found 11 percent of road users admit to driving with their rear window obstructed at this time of the year.

Motorists are warned this could see some road users issued a £300 fine and up to three points on their driving licence.

In some severe cases, drives may also be issued charges of up to £2,500 for dangerous driving in a major blow.

A spokesperson for CarParts4Less said driving while distracted makes drivers “potentially punishable” as they urged road users to have full concentration behind the wheel.

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They said: “Lots of Brits will be unaware that they are possibly breaking the law with their driving habits and are at risk of getting penalised.

“Anything that distracts you while driving, from adjusting seats to doing your make-up, is potentially punishable and should be avoided.

“If in doubt, pull over in a safe place and only set off again once you can fully concentrate on the road.”

Insurance providers are unlikely to refuse payouts if they find a driver was travelling without full road vision which is a legal requirement.

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Your provider may argue the crash was caused by an inability to identify road hazards which could make you responsible for the incident.

Alongside blocking the rear windscreen, drivers may also be caught out with the weight of their vehicle over the festive period.

The rules say drivers should ensure their vehicles do not exceed the manufacturer’s weight limit or cause danger by reason of load.

Drivers can be fined £300 and issued three penalty points if this vehicle is considered too heavy in another simple fine which can be picked up around Christmas.

Jack Cousens, Head of roads policy for the AA said: “In most modern cars, you’d be hard-pressed to take the vehicle over its weight restriction.

“However you should always check the handbook and ideally, weigh everything before putting it in the car.

“If you feel you are close to breaching the limit, drivers should head to a weighbridge and get an accurate reading.”

Experts at CarBuyer said road users may find steering and braking is more difficult with an overweight vehicle.

Drivers may find their steering inputs are reduced and their stopping distances are increased on the road.

CarBuyer also warns overloading a car could put considerable strain on your vehicle which can lead to damage.

The vehicle’s suspension, bodywork, brakes and tyres will be put under extra wear which will likely increase the risk of mechanical failures,

This could see drivers fiend to secure car repairs in the New Year despite struggling to secure payouts if their agreement is axed.

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