Carwiz Increases Employment for Summer Season

Carwiz Sales Director Borko Ribić (left), Barbara Mrkić, marketing director (center), and Krešimir Dobrilović, CEO (right).

Photo courtesy of Carwiz.

Carwiz rent-a-car is entering the summer season with an increase in the number of employees, by as much as 30%, the company announced. 

The growth of Carwiz, which has established its operations in the past year in Croatia and foreign markets, is largely based on the increase of new retail offices, as well as a team of professional staff from the franchise support business in international markets.

With support for business activities at branch offices in tourist destinations, and also in the largest cities in Croatia, staffing is based on the professional training of a team that manages the franchise network's business support tasks on a daily basis.

"With the acquisition of quality staff, we have put emphasis on their education and the development of practical knowledge that we systematically develop. We are aware that investing in this aspect of our employees' development will bet on future successes," Krešimir Dobrilović, Carwiz CEO, said in a statement.

The company is entering the summer season with nearly 100 employees, increasing the number of employees by nearly 100% over the same period last year.

In Croatia, Carwiz operates through online sales channels and 13 branch offices located in all major cities and tourist-centric centers. Through B2B channels, it operates with virtually all major international tourism-emitting markets.

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