Car insurance warning: Drivers shouldn’t ‘head straight to comparison sites’ to find deals

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Car insurance buyers have been warned that “not all providers” will be advertising their agreements on the price comparison sites which could see drivers miss out on savings. They warn that some of the bigger insurance providers will not be listed on the sites but could still be offering great deals.

Failing to thoroughly research agreements before signing up to them could see drivers miss out on policies better suited to them in a major blow.

Freddy Macnamara, spokesperson for insurance specialists at Cuvva said it was “important” drivers did not “head straight to comparison sites” when searching for a policy.

Mr Macnamara said: “It’s important not to head straight to comparison sites when you’re looking to renew your policy or want to switch, as not all providers are on there.

“You’ll find the big insurers incumbents on comparison sites.

“But often you’ll be able to find great deals by spending a bit of time doing some of your own research, and finding a policy that is actually tailored to you.”

Money Super Market has also warned that comparison sites often “don’t capture” the entire market.

This is because some larger firms only offer their product directly on their official sites and channels rather than through a third-party.

Top firms such as Direct Line and Aviva are not listed on popular comparison sites but usually have deals which motorists could take advantage of.

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This can include anything from reduced premiums to extra incentives such as gift cards and coupons to convince drivers to join.

Some of Admiral’s agreements are also not available on car insurance comparison sites despite including a range of multi-car policies.

A recent analysis from GlobalData has revealed that price comparison sites could be up to £360 more expensive than going direct to insurers.

Analysis from the firm found that prices could be up to 84 percent higher on some policies with prices over £350 more.

The analysis found that a policy from a leading insurer was quoted at just £248.64 per year.

However, an identical policy on a price comparison site came in at over £614 in a massive £366 rise.

Yasha Kuruvilla, insurance analyst at GlobalData warned consumers “may not necessarily receive the best price” when using comparison sites.

She said: “PCWs (price comparison websites) are more popular among drivers under 45 years of age, while older drivers prefer to purchase directly from a provider.

“The chart also highlights that younger drivers face much higher premiums compared to older drivers, which is likely to be the main factor driving them towards PCWs.

“This highlights that consumers may not necessarily receive the best price when shopping on PCWs.”

The price increase could be extra chargers insurers have to pay to feature their agreements on price comparison sites.

The Telegraph has recently revealed that drivers could be forced to pay an extra £160 worth of charges if they shop on a price comparison site.

However Money Super Market said this was untrue as insurers only need to pay charges to the site if they secured a customer onto a policy.

A spokesman told “Insurance companies must invest to attract their customers by advertising or other marketing, or by using a price comparison site.

“Price comparison is cost-effective because a fee is only payable if the insurer wins a customer.

“It isn’t an extra cost for an insurer, it is part of the marketing budget that would be spent anyway.”

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