BYD Plug-In Electric Car Sales In China Exceeded 14,000 In August 2020

The new Han model was responsible for 4,000 units (2,400 all-electric and 1,600 plug-in hybrid).

In August 2020, BYD sold in China 14,009 plug-in electric cars, which is the best result so far this year, but only marginally better than July and still 13% below August 2019.

We were hoping for more, but it seems that even the introduction of the all-new BYD Han did not change the overall results overnight.

By the way, Han sales develop nicely to 2,400 BEVs and 1,600 PHEVs (total of 4,000). According to media reports, it should continue to grow towards 8,000-10,000 a month in late 2020.

Besides plug-in cars, BYD delivered also 1,274 commercial electric vehicles (up 106% year-over-year), including 1,051 buses.

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – August 2020

BYD car sales breakdown

After the first 8 months, total sales were 85,257, down 51% year-over-year.

Most recently we saw also a worrying media report (via Moneyball) that BYD might have some production issue with the new BYD Blade Battery, which is constraining the Han:

“#BYD unable to increase Han #EV production due to battery production yield issues, #China media citing unnamed BYD supplier. The battery’s dense cell arrangement causes venting issues, report speculates. BYD did not comment.”

Sales by models – month (and year-to-date) result




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