BYD Announces Start Of EV Sales In Australia And New Zealand

BYD is in the process of geographical diversification of its car sales.

BYD announced a long term agreement with Nexport to partner in the R&D and distribution of the next generation of BYD electric passenger vehicles in Australia and New Zealand.

The Chinese company is clearly venturing outside of China, as previously we heard also about electric car sales launch in Europe (starting from Norway).

In the case of Australia and New Zealand, the pre-sale of BYD electric cars will start in July 2021.

“Based on this cooperation, BYD and Nexport each will make engineering and capital investment towards the R&D of the electric vehicles. It will combine the strengths of both companies to deliver the ideal products for customer needs, primarily aimed at delivering high quality electric vehicles at a price parity point to internal combustion engine vehicles.”

According to media reports from Australia, sales will begin in late 2021/early 2022. In total, four models are considered (BEV and/or PHEV, all with LFP battery chemistry): Han, Song, Qin and Tang.

An interesting thing is that BYD’s business model will be direct sales, without a traditional dealership network.

Currently, the EV market in Australia is smaller than 1% of new car sales.

We guess that at some point North America might find itself on the BYD expansion list.


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