BMW Electrification Roadmap: 25 Plug-Ins By 2025

A quick look at the BMW electrification roadmap reveals new and upgraded models on the horizon

BMW Group started sales of plug-in electric cars in 2013 with the BMW i3. The first models under the BMW i sub-brand were standalone, designed from the ground up.

Over the next couple of years, the German manufacturer focused on introducing plug-in hybrid versions of its existing models.

The upcoming next stage of the electrification will be the introduction of new all-electric cars, but again mostly derivatives of existing BMW models to keep costs under control.

So far, BMW group sold almost 400,000 plug-in electric cars and the goal for this year is to exceed 500,000.

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The roadmap envisions 25 new plug-in models to be introduced by 2025, including at least 12 all-electric.

As you can see on the graphic below, four upcoming BEVs were already shown, while another 8 are still covered (1 in 2022, 2 in 2023, 3 in 2024 and 2 in 2025).

In the case of PHEVs, beside the 2nd generation X5 PHEV and 3-Series PHEV, as well as the new X3 PHEV, BMW shows 10 more plug-in hybrids undercover – the majority of which are scheduled for 2024-2025.

Current lineup:

  • BMW i3 (3rd model evolution with 120 Ah)
  • BMW i3s (2nd model evolution with 120 Ah)
  • BMW i8 Coupe (2nd model evolution)
  • BMW i8 Roadster
  • BMW 745e iPerformance (2nd model evolution)
  • BMW 530e iPerformance
    BMW 225xe Active Tourer iPerformance
  • MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4
  • BMW X1 xDrive25Le (in China only, 2nd model evolution)

Upcoming models for 2019:

  • BMW 330e iPerformance (2nd model evolution)
  • BMW 530e iPerformance (2nd model evolution)
  • BMW 225xe Active Tourer iPerformance (2nd model evolution)
  • BMW X5 xDrive45e iPerformance (2nd model evolution)
  • MINI Electric (new BEV)

Upcoming models with 5th generation drive system:

  • BMW iX3 in 2020 (first BEV model based on 5th generation drivetrain)
  • BMW iNEXT in 2021 
  • BMW i4 in 2021

Plan for 2025:

  • at least 25 plug-in cars (12 BEVs and 13 PHEVs)

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