BMW Design Boss Claims It's Impossible To Please Everyone

It’s all about targeting the right people.

If there’s a list of car brands with the most controversial vehicle designs as of late, we won’t be surprised to see BMW in there. The German automaker and its recent adoration for comically giant kidney grilles have drawn flak even before the cars were officially launched. Yes, we’re talking about the BMW 4 Series, along with the 7 Series and X7 duo.

If you are one of those who have something to say about this, don’t waste your breath. BMW has been reading social media channels and press stories, and they know that you don’t like them. More importantly, they understand that this design direction doesn’t please everyone.

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This is according to Domagoj Dukec, BMW’s design head honcho, in an interview with Top Gear.

Dukec isn’t really surprised with the number of negative reactions they get with the new car designs. He insists that it’s normal that everyone has an opinion, especially with the 4 Series, and that creating something different is adamant if you want to stand out in the business.

“It is not our goal to please everyone in the world. You can’t make a design which pleases everyone. But you have to please your customers,” Dukec said in the Top Gear interview.

Despite the criticisms, Dukec is confident with BMW’s take on the 4 Series’ grille. They are aware that only 20 percent of people are liking it and that those people fit right into the type of customers the company’s targeting.

Beyond the confidence, we think BMW could work on straightening out its social media strategy. The company drew criticisms on Twitter twice in 2020 in the context of appropriateness, to which they already had apologized. Certainly, that wasn’t the direction the company wants to go for and definitely not what they meant when they said that it’s impossible to please everyone.


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