BAM Infra Reveals The World's First Fully Electric Road Roller

Let’s roll some roads in an electric road roller.

Dutch company BAM Infra Nederland unveiled and actually put into service the world’s first electric road roller. How cool is that?

A road roller sounds like a perfect application for electrification, although BAM Infra quickly found out that there is no commercial product like that (the construction equipment category is just starting to take off).

They decided to convert an old diesel model and now it’s enjoying a second life.

“BAM Infra Nederland has built and commissioned the world’s first fully electric 10 to 12-tonne road roller. This unique and sustainable piece of equipment was created by BAM’s plant and equipment department, on the basis of an older model which was due for an overhaul. The conversion took place over a period of one and a half year. This week the emission-free road roller was put to work on its first project, in the city of Almere. Other projects will follow soon.”

BAM Infra fully electric road roller

It can drive for about eight-hours and then requires a 3-5 hour recharging (battery pack capacity was not disclosed).

The diesel version was consuming seven litres of fuel per hour (on average it was 73 litres per day), which sounds like a lot. Now it should be more reliable, quiet and probably also more economic, as well as zero emissions, of course.

Hopefully, soon more of those types of equipment will appear in construction areas, not only in the Netherlands.

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