Audi Reveals TT Quantum Gray Edition, But You Can Only Buy One Online

Audi is set to join other manufacturers in doing away with the dealership and offering cars online. The platform launches on June 5, but will only have one product to kick things off.

Although not long for this world — Audi has axed the model in favor of electrified vehicles — the Audi TT takes pride of place when sales start next week. You’ll only be able to buy one version, and it’s exclusive to the online store.

Ingolstadt officially calls it the “TT Quantumgrau Edition” (or “Quantum Gray” in English), and it’s designed it to be a stylish swansong for the fashionable coupe.

The special equipment here is all about the looks. As you’d expect, the exterior paint is all Audi’s Quantum Gray and exclusive to this model. There’s a part-matte “TT” decal ahead of the rear wheels on each side, also unique to this version.

On the inside, the TTQG gains an “express red” interior design package. This includes black, diamond-pattern leather, with red contrast stitching — again, something only available on this particular model.

Otherwise, there’s little difference between this and a regular TT. In fact all QG models use the ordinary “45 TFSI quattro S-tronic” as a basis. If you’re not familiar with Audi’s recent model-naming system, the “45” means it gets a 241hp, two-liter turbo engine. It’s no slouch — 60mph comes up in 5.7s and it has a 155mph-limited top speed — but there are much more potent models available.

Should the TTQG set your pulse racing, you’ll need to be quick. Audi will only produce 99 of them, but the pricing is pretty steep. At €62,305 ($69,750) it’s €18,455 more expensive than the base car, and about the same as a TT RS — and that’s a miniature supercar.

You’ll certainly get an exclusive car for the money, as Audi’s first car sold online (and only online). Customers from anywhere within the European Economic Area can order the car at this price, and Audi will deliver it to any location in Germany. That means you won’t have to go into a dealership, which may be worth the price for some people.

Although the TT Quantum Gray Edition doesn’t look like terrific value, it’s at least a real car. $70,000 for some slightly posher metal certainly seems a step up from a $100,000 virtual race car.

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