Audi E-Tron Epic Cross-Canada Adventure For A Worthy Cause

This Audi e-tron driver is setting out to raise funds for his late wife’s favorite charity.

Harvey Soicher is the lucky owner of one of the first 2019 Audi e-tron SUVs sold in Canada. However, in much more unlucky circumstances, his wife Mary Ann passed away a year ago after a battle with cancer.

Soicher has ventured out on a cross-country trip to prove the Audi e-tron’s capabilities. More importantly, he’s raising money for his wife’s favorite charity: VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation. You can donate by clicking here.

Interestingly, his trip may consist of plenty of U.S. travel as well, though he hasn’t made any final decisions yet. Soicher intends to depart from Vancouver on his way to Newfoundland. He and his wife had never been to Newfoundland and planned to buy an EV together and go visit. He writes:

“I will start by leaving my home in Vancouver and take the BC Ferries to (Mile 0) and finishing in St. John’s NFLD 7,821 km (4,860 mi.). I will then decide if I will ship the Audi back to Vancouver or… drive back through the Maritimes, cross into the USA into the state of Maine and continue down to Boston, New York, Washington DC, Nashville, Memphis, St. Louis, Denver, Southern Utah, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and then finally home in Vancouver .

​There is more than one purpose for this trip. First is to show that an 100% Battery Electric Vehicle or BEV can make it across Canada and the USA but on highways more remote where finding an EV charger may be a challenge.”

The trip was set to begin on July 2. If you want more details and would like to follow along, check out Mary Ann’s Electric Drive (linked below). 

Video Description via Motormouth on YouTube:

Audi E-Tron Cross-Canada Adventure

Harvey Soicher received one of the very first Audi E-Tron full electric SUVs to arrive in Canada and he is heading out on a cross-Canada adventure to prove that it can be done and to raise some money for his late wife’s favourite charity.

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