Another Teaser Shows Full Face Of 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Full debut scheduled for May 19.

Depending on where you are reading this article from, we are approximately 36 to 48 hours away from the official debut of what could be one of the most important vehicles in US history. Ford will finally introduce an all-electric version of the country’s most popular model, the F-150. To support the big debut, the automaker has released yet another teaser with the F-150 Lightning.

A short video on Facebook shows us the EV truck from the front and we are able to see the front fascia. There’s nothing dramatic there, though the design seems to be at least a little different from the combustion-powered models. Most notably, there’s a fat LED strip that connects the headlights sitting above what is likely a closed-off grille. There could be changes to the front bumper as well but it’s hard to tell from this blurred clip.

Gallery: Ford F-150 Lightning Rendering

                                 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning unofficial renderings

Ford is keeping the details about the electric F-150 in secret but we know the model will hit the assembly lines at the new Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in mid-2022. Even at this very early phase, the manufacturer is already enjoying strong interest high enough to boost the planned production by 50 percent. According to preliminary information, the zero-emission truck will be priced very competitively priced compared to its combustion-powered brothers.

On the tech side, there’s even less information. We expect multiple different battery options and a powertrain consisting of at least one electric motor per axle for all-wheel-drive capability. More importantly, it is believed Ford aims for a 300-mile range, and there are even rumors about a long-range version with as high as 400 miles of range on a single charge of the batteries. Again, nothing of this is official for now.

This new teaser video confirms the F-150 Lightning will debut on May 19 at 9:30 PM EST time. Stay tuned for our livestream post of the debut, plus the full coverage of the new truck and a few more very interesting articles.


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