Alpha Jax Is An Electric, Retro-Inspired Crossover That You Can Pre-Order Now

California’s Alpha Motor Corporation has a more versatile and practical proposition than the Ace EV coupe.

If you liked the Alpha Motor Ace retro-infused two-door, but you wanted something to do a spot a Baja-style high-speed off-road driving in, then the newly revealed Jax is just the ticket. It looks very similar to the Ace, but it has two extra (small, rear-hinged) doors and a taller ride height that make it seem ideal for a spirited drive on an uneven, unpaved road.

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Just like the Ace, this is envisioned as a fully-electric vehicle capable of sprinting to sixty in around 6.5 seconds (for the more powerful all-wheel drive version), with a maximum range of around 250 miles (400 km) on a single charge of a 75 kWh battery pack. It is about the size of a compact crossover, like a Toyota RAV4, and according to Alpha, it can seat four people.

So far it’s only a 3D model, but Alpha claims it wants to put this into production as early as 2023, with a projected starting price starting from $38,000 for the two-wheel drive model. We currently don’t even know if this is the final version of the vehicle, but it can already place down an order for one – if it does make it into production in this form, with those specs and that price, it will be a really tempting (and unique) buy.

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