2024 Mercedes-Benz AMG E63 to use electrified 2.0L four-pot – over 650 PS touted, can surpass current V8 – paultan.org

While it’s already a certainty that the W206 Mercedes-AMG C 63 will lose the roaring V8 to an electrified four-pot, it appears that the next-generation E 63 will also be similarly downsized.

According to Autocar, development of the W214 E 63 is focused around platform optimisation, where it will use a heavily upgraded electrical architecture too support the hybrid power plant and Level 3 semi-autonomous driving.

For the new E 63, it will use a highly strung version of the current M139 2.0 litre four-potter, and will be installed longitudinally as opposed to its MFA-based siblings. It’s said the engine alone can produce up to 449 PS, and the electric motor can easily bring outputs beyond 650 PS. Mercedes-AMG says the available power will enable future AMG models to surpass comparable, current vehicles with V8 engines without hybrid drive.

A nine-speed AMG Speedshift MCT gearbox is said to be standard, complete with an AMG-specific 4Matic all-wheel drive system. The rest of the W214 range will continue to be offered with the current four- and six-cylinder engines, whereas the fully electric version will be represented by the EQE.

Design-wise, it’s said to take on the look of the W223 S-Class, while confirmed body styles include the E-Class Estate and E-Class All Terrain. Mercedes plans to make the new E the safest car in its class, so expect much of the safety systems – including LiDAR sensors – found in the S-Class to trickle down.

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