2024 G60 BMW M5 to go full electric – up to 1,000 hp? – paultan.org

As BMW begin ramping up its electrification plans, rumours of new high-performance M cars have started swirling on the internet. The latest word, according to Car Magazine, is that the next-generation G60 BMW M5 will get a plug-in hybrid powertrain, and it will joined by a 1,000-hp fully electric M5.

According to the report, the PHEV M5 will debut sometime in the third quarter of 2023, with deliveries set to take place in early 2024. The powertrain in question will be the one lifted off the upcoming X8 M, featuring a twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine with electric motors to produce at least 760 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque. An all-wheel drive system will be deployed to manage all that power.

Perhaps what’s more interesting this time is the 1,000-hp electric M5. It’s no secret that BMW is in the midst of developing a Power BEV (pictured below), which is essentially a rapid, pure electric 5 Series that’s capable of a sub three-second century sprint time.

Apparently, several internal documents reveal that the Power BEV’s tri-motor system (one motor up front, two at the back) will be used for the G60 M5, each tuned to produce 250 kW or 335 hp. Combined, the total system output will push past the 1,000-hp barrier. While this may sound like a lot, Tesla’s tri-motor Plaid system that will be unveiled in the next year could blow past that benchmark.

For batteries, the zero-emission M5 is set to get BMW’s Gen V pouch-type batteries, and the densest pack will be a 135 kWh unit that’s good for 700 km (WLTP cycle). In the early stages, a 400-volt system will be used to support up to 350 kW of charging, but an 800-volt system will be introduced at a later date.

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